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Barcelona’s 5-star hotels tourists: here we go with some conclusions

We finally ended our report on Barcelona’s 5-star hotels tourists and we bring you a complete analysis with major results and conclusions, freely available to anyone interested. We focused on some of the most interesting variables analyzed, such as seasonality, type of travelers or average ratings linked to tourists by country of origin, amont many others.

We really found some amazing facts, ie Italians do not stay at beach hotels or French are the largest nationality during the month of August. We also confirmed some of the most common topics on Barcelona’s tourists, like they really value the weather of the city and they prefer to travel with their couple. One more surprising thing, it seems that credit crunch has also impacted over luxury hotel’s tourists, as they give really low rating scores to the value for money criterion.

There are many conclusions that we have included in our report and many more that anyone can get by their own just taking a look at any of our more than 15 charts and graphs. We invite you to dive into Barcelona’s 5-star hotel tourists. Enjoy!